This site is not about sex.
This site is about sex worker activism and activists.
This site has no dirty pictures. It is not a sex worker review.


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"They had a huge organizing committee that was very tightly organized, very disciplined," explains SEIU's Batey. "And they came in with signed cards from 90% of the employees which meant that we had an excellent chance of organizing there successfully. At that point we began saying, 'Hey, these women are serious. And they have a right to a union just like any other workers.'"


The purpose of the Whore Board is manyfold. We hope to foster community; insider-activists, outsider-activists, travelers and anyone else can share comments and questions about thoughts on sex-worker activism.

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So anyway, this month we're asking you, our web readers, to answer us this: Is there a difference between prostitution and "trafficking?" 


We have some, but we need more! Don't be shy. Tell us what you're working on. Vent some frustrations!

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As with most other civil rights movements, the sex worker rights movement is made up of a diverse constituency-- one which is often divided by issues of race, class, gender and sexual preference.

The purpose of the Whore Board is manyfold. It is here that we hope to foster community; here insider-activists, outsider-activists, fellow travelers and anyone else can share comments and questions about the content of this site, thoughts on sex-worker activism or share their biography.

Perhaps the cornerstone of the sex workers' rights movement is the demand for decriminalization of sex work in all of its forms. As most of us know, there are certain areas within the United States which have legalized systems of prostitution. While these areas are considered by some to be a great compromise between crim and decrim, others believe that workers and clients are still victimized and exploited within these systems.

Welcome to our virtual library. There are a lot of books about sex workers out there. Some are well written, some aren't. Some have pictures, some don't. Some are pro-sex work, some are anti. You get the idea.

The motivation for the documentary came from a conversation we had with an ex-pimp (hey, they aren't all bad!) about his experience working with women on the streets. From there, the idea solidified into one that dealt less with street-work and pimp/prostitute dynamics, and more with activism and organizing. We wanted to know if sex workers in general, and prostitutes in particular, were interested in organizing around issues concerning their work. And if not, why not?


BELIEVING that LIBERTY was to have been the sweetest fruit of INDEPENDENCE;

DESPONDENT because adults are daily being arrested, fined, and jailed by reason of engaging in commercial sex with other consenting adults, or facilitating such behavior;

ASSERTING that commercial sex is demeaning only when an intolerant and puritanical society defines it to be so, and makes it a crime;

REJOICING that homosexuality, which was once considered a perversion and a crime, today is generally viewed with tolerance and respect; and that those who, in the past, oppressed homosexuals are now remembered with scorn; and those who today oppress them are considered malevolent;

UNDERSTANDING that there is a legitimate state interest in reducing the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, and that this can be better accomplished by the regulation of commercial sex than by its proscription;

EMBOLDENED by the belief that the toleration of prostitution is the cause of LIBERTY, that it is the cause of HAPPINESS, and that it is a cause with SEX APPEAL;

BE IT RESOLVED therefore that June 9, 1996, (6/9/96) and every June 9th thereafter (6/9) , is declared to be, and henceforth shall be observed as, END SEXUAL OPPRESSION DAY; and that

CONSEQUENTLY, those who understand this to be so, and are in accord with this sentiment, shall, on every June 9th, petition their local government to

Cease and Desist
in the persecution of adults for engaging in commercial sexual activity with other consenting adults, or facilitating such activity, until such activity is nowhere a crime in The Unites States of America.

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'I'm a sex worker, artist and activist and we have met before' Kate McGrew on The Tommy Tiernan Show


We have been hearing stories of other filmmakers, journalists, artists and researchers getting the shaft from feminist and civil-liberties groups which aren't sympathetic to sex-work positive projects. While we respect a person's right to make his or her own decisions, we here at the Whore Activist Network feel that it is tantamount to censorship when those

individuals block our access to avenues of communication and support. So, in the spirit of cooperation, and as a part of the on-going battle against closed-mindedness and moral facism, the Whore Activist Network will soon be sharing our cyberspace  with several other artists & searchers undertaking relevant projects. So, keep an eye out for more stuff to come.


This site is not about sex.
This site is about sex worker activism and activists.
This site has no dirty pictures. It is not a sex worker review.
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